ACT is excited to announce a partnership with Drexel University —one of Philadelphia’s largest and most community-minded anchor institutions— to analyze the full potential of strategic anchor procurement by completing a data-based study to develop new strategies for using demand-side opportunity to stimulate supply-side outcomes.

The output of the study will be a physical report that recommends tangible and implementable strategies for significantly transforming the relationships between anchor institutions and local businesses and their associated workforce. The outcomes will be long-term business acceleration, resources for local enterprises, increased local hiring, and the significant and measurable injection of economic inputs into West Philadelphia that are directly traceable to anchor spending.

ACT is looking forward to working with a project team that includes leading experts on anchor institution procurement, with both supply-side and demand-side expertise. The following partner organizations and consultants will be working with ACT to make this vision a reality:

  • Drexel University
  • Philadelphia LISC
  • U3 Ventures
  • Democracy Collaborative
  • E&I Consulting Group
  • Econsult Solutions